How the toys are made

The women met once a week at the Parkhurst Recreation Center in Johannesburg to exchange ideas and plan ahead. They then take materials home where they do most of their work. This gives them the freedom to manage their working hours and allows them to spend time with their families.

Working at home may also bring unexpected challenges, for example, cultural and family practices that might not see handwork don at home as “real work”. Despite their difficulties our ladies have found ways to make this unusual way of working fit their routines and family lives. This is why each toy has a special character; they are the result of the artisans’ daily stories of struggles and achievements, and their dreams of a better life. 

Why our toys

We like to think of our toys as the product of the care and respect we have for each other and the ideals of the project. These ideals are as much about creating beautiful objects than bring joy to those wjo make and purchase them, as they are about fairness and the appreciation of the craft.

We make simple but great quality hand toys, thus appealing to our customers. Embracing culture and celebrating our identity is at our core. We do this in a fun way and thus in keeping with the ever changing world trends without losing our identity.

Our creators