Our Mission

Little Pine Tree is a social enterprise that aims to teach a practical skill and to give the opportunity to the women participating in the workshop to generate an income.

Our Story

In May 2015, we started a toy making workshop in Johhansburg hoping yo create a space where (unemployed) women from different backgrounds could meet and learn a practical skill. The idea was that it would allow them to generate an income so that they could eventually support themselves and their families by doing something they enjoy – and in a dignified way. The women came from different areas of Johannesburg and received a four weeks training after which they joined our team of creators. We love creation with our hands and encourage other to be creative. We also believe that this creative force can be empowering.

In short period our project has been running we have grown from strength to strength. Our products have grown in popularity and we are now proud to be fully self-sustained. Our team of five ladies receive a regular income from the wonderful work they do and we are in the process of recruiting new people to be trained.

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