Who are we?

Little Pine Tree is a social enterprise that aims to teach a practical skill and to give the opportunity to the women participating in the workshop to generate an income.

What do we do?

In Little Pine Tree, we make beautiful and unique toys using the art of amigurumi.

In May 2015, we started a toy making workshop in Johannesburg hoping to create a space where (unemployed) women from different backgrounds could meet and lear a practical skill. The idea was that it would generate income so that they could eventually support themselves and their families by doing something that they enjoy – and in a dignified way.

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Why our toys?

We like to think of our toys as the product of the care and respect we have for each other and the ideals of the project. These ideals are as much about creating beautiful objects than bring joy to those who make and purchase them, as they are about fairness and the appreciation of the craft.

We make simple but great quality handmade toys, thus appealing to our customers. Embracing culture and celebrating our identity is at our core. We do this in a fun way and thus in keeping with the ever changing world trends without losing our identity.

Our Products

On average it takes two days to finish each toy and each one is unique and full of personality. Their colours and textures are carefully chosen to stimulate children’s development and they are safe and fun to play with.

We are now starting to make our own patterns so our toys have a more unique African style. It’s a collaboration between all of us at the workshop where we come with suggestions about colours, shapes and so on.

As a company or an individual you are able to participate in the following ways:

  • You can buy directly from us!

We do sell directly to anyone who wants to support this wonderful community programme. Please contact us if you have further questions or if you would like more information on how the team works.

  • Would you like to introduce our range to your stores? 

Please contact us and we’ll send you more details.

  • Buy a toy to be donated and receive a personalised Thank-you ecard.

Buy our toys and we will donate them on your behalf to an organisation working with children from disadvantaged backgrounds or for a community project of your choosing.

Contact details

Email: info@littlepinetree.co.za

Tel: +27(0)81 528 0221

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Contact Us

Little Pine Tree

Melville, Johannesburg, South Africa

Phone: +27(0)815280221

Email: info@littlepinetree.co.za